Sue Barnes, MS, CRC

Assistant Director of Learning & Disability Services
Cressman Library, Rm. 320

Disability Services provides reasonable accommodations, to students with disabilities, to ensure equal access to our academic programming and campus environment.

Please choose one of the following appointment types that suits your situation. You will then be able to choose a day and time for your appointment. Please complete the booking form and make sure to confirm the booking.

After hours appointments for SAGE Students will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Please contact Academic Services at 610-606-4628 to schedule an after hours appointment.

Students Already Receiving Accommodations - Follow-up Appointments

For current Disability Services students who are already receiving accommodations - if you would like to meet with me to follow-up on an issue (or two) that we already discussed, or discuss a new issue, please choose this appointment type.

(30 minutes)

Students Already Receiving Accommodations - Requesting Additional Accommodations

For current Disability Services students who are already receiving accommodations - if you have supplemental information about your disability or a newly diagnosed condition, and wish to request additional accommodations, please use this appointment type.

(30 minutes)

New Students

This appointment is for students who have not yet requested accommodations. During this appointment we will talk about your condition(s) and how it affects you in a living and learning environment, functional limitations you have as a result of this condition etc. Please be prepared to discuss these issues as well as the accommodations you wish to request. Documentation is not required but if you have any documentation, especially Evaluation Reports (and Re-evaluation Reports), IEP and 504 plans, please feel free to bring them to the meeting. For documentation guidelines, please click here.

(1 hour)

Quick Phone Call - *NOTE: You will call in at the start of your appointment.

If you would like to schedule a phone appointment to ask a quick question, please choose this appointment type. This appointment type should not be used by new students who have not yet completed a “self-disclosure” meeting with me (please make a New Student appointment). You will call in at the beginning of your appointment time slot. Once you select this appointment and a time slot, you will see the phone number (to call) on the booking form.

(15 minutes)